I’m a Landlord, but I’m Not a Rich Ass

Bought my first property in 2019.

A two-family house.

Both apartments are rented out through two different City housing programs.

One program covers 60% of the rent.

The other program covers the full amount of rent only for a year.

As of today (January 28, 2021), one tenant owes me 3 months of their 40% portion.

The other tenant owes me 4 months of rent and the lease has expired for 4 months.

The current rent I received can’t even cover half of my monthly mortgage payment.

Due to the Pandemic, The New York State Law restricts the landlord to evict the tenant until May 1, 2021. And the date might as well get extended again. Who’d know…

I just want to say that I didn’t win any lottery, I don’t have a huge inheritance, and I don’t have rich parents.

I used my hard-earned money from my 9–5 job to buy this house and was just trying to make a little more cash flow on top of my salary.

I don’t understand, at this special time period, why I have to bear this burden without any support from the Government where nearly 1/3 of my income went.

And my tenants who received all kinds of welfare and got protected by the State law can’t even pay me a dime that they’re obligated to pay.

Just because I’m a landlord who owns a piece of land?